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Vermaseal Shed Range

Hunter Sheds Recommends Vermaseal, this is a new innovative product for Vermin & Weatherproof flashing. It can be additionally installed at the time of construction to any make of Garage or Shed with a concrete slab. Simply and easily seal your shed and protect it from early corrosion.

Vermin proof your shed from a whole range of creepy crawlies, Lizards, Frogs, Rats and Mice and those uninvited slithering menaces.

Vermaseal not only seals the bottom of the sheeting profile so that the vermin are prevented from entering the Shed at the bottom wall edge it also prevents wind and rain from coming up under the sheeting.

A Third major Benefit is the important action of isolating your sheeting from the lime in the concrete slab and the range of chemicals within the concrete, this prolonged contact can lead to unsightly early corrosion of your sheeting’s bottom edge.

Keep your sheeting in pristine condition and
keep out the unwanted guests.

Some of the benefits are:
1. Acts as a vermin flashing to keep snakes and mice out.
2. Prevents corrosion of wall sheet from contact with concrete.
3. Prevents rain splashing up through profiles and wetting inside of shed.
4. Prevent grass growing through profiles.
5. Fits all profile wall sheets.
6. Fits all makes of garages and sheds with concrete slabs.
7. UV protected, impact resistant, fire retardent, will not rot or rust.
8. No variation to standard engineering or layout.
9. Easy whipper snipper maintained.
10. Neat aesthetically pleasing finish.
11. Self draining.
12. Controls wind and dust penetration.
13. Easily installed.
14. Cheaper than problem handmade metal flashings.
15. Internal skirting allows easy sweep out.
16. Fingertip conforms to concrete slab.