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Accessory Ideas for Standalone Sheds and Garages and Where to Find Shed Erectors in Maitland

If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, you might consider constructing a shed that can comfortably accommodate all your gardening tools and equipment. Alternatively, you could transform your shed into a home gym, workshop, extra living room or even kid’s play area. You can utilise your sheds in Maitland for whatever purpose you like, especially if you purchase them from shed erectors that can accessorise their solutions to suit your requirements.

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When searching for sheds and garages in Maitland, you should try to find a provider that only supplies premium solutions that guarantee to stand the test of time with minimal required maintenance. Provided your shed uses durable, attractive materials, it could add thousands to your home’s value while making it a more comfortable and practical place to live. Fortunately, if you’re searching for highly regarded shed erectors in Maitland, you’ve already come to the right place.

At Hunter Sheds, we’ve been supplying and constructing sheds for Maitland residents for the better part of two decades, though we have more than 25 years of industry experience. We’re proud to be the recommended resellers for Ranbuild, a shed manufacturer that’s well-known for designing quality products that set the standard for the industry. Below, we discuss some of the ways how you can accessorise our garages and sheds so that you can gauge the endless possibilities.

How to Accessorise Sheds and Garages in Maitland

If you’re interested in finding out how we can create the shed of your dreams, don’t hesitate to give us a call, but keep reading below for a few accessory ideas.

  • Canopy
    If you want your shed to be more than just a storage space, you might want to choose a construct that features a canopy, allowing you and your family to enjoy your garden year-round regardless of the weather.
  • Carport
    You could use your shed to protect your vehicle against the elements by installing a carport. You can either construct your car shelter without help or call our shed erectors to do it for you. You can feel confident that we settle for nothing but excellent build quality.
  • Garages for sheds
    Go one step further than a carport by fitting your shed with a garage, giving you the ability to keep your car safe and secure around the clock. Our range of garage doors includes up-and-over and roller, meaning you can protect not only your vehicle but also achieve your desired style.
  • A new colour
    Make your shed or garage a focal point of your outdoor space by giving it a fresh coat of paint. We use COLORBOND paints to guarantee longevity, ensuring your construction will remain vibrant and attractive for years to come.

Learn More about Sheds and Garages in Maitland

A new shed could be just what you need to give your home a makeover. Whether you want to add storage to your garden or create additional living space, we have sheds and garages that guarantee to impress. Call our shed erectors today on (02) 4934 6636 to learn more about our capabilities.

Custom Built Sheds

Converting your Shed or Garage and Whom to Call for Custom Built Sheds

Man caves have become extremely popular as places where you can escape the stress and be alone (or hang out with friends) for a while. Your personalised man cave is a place to call your own. Even if you already have your own home office or other room, a man cave is a sacred space free of any interruptions you don’t want – from family members barging in to phone calls and more. Of course, you can convert any space into a man cave, but a shed is one of the best options. That’s because it’s detached from the house, giving you an added measure of privacy and solitude. Don’t have a shed? No problem – new sheds are easy and affordable with Hunter Sheds. Check out the tips below for converting your shed into the ultimate DIY man cave.

Clean out the shed

If you have an existing shed or garage, but it’s full of… whatever’s in there, it’s time to empty it out and reclaim the space. Remove everything from the shed and separate it into groups according to whether you need to keep it, donate it, sell it, or toss it. Find a place for the items you want to keep, such as a garage. Now you have an empty shed ready to fill with the man cave amenities of your choice.

Prepare the space

Before you can “move in,” you’ll need to make plans and get started on projects such as insulation, heat, air conditioning, and power. Now is the time to contact any professionals you may need to help you. If you aren’t using any large appliances, you may be able to run electricity from your home – but consult with an electrician to be sure. Add insulation to make the shed more comfortable and make decisions about drywall and temperature control – a portable heater and small AC unit are probably all you need for a space of this size.

Accessorising, AKA “the fun part”

Once your shed is habitable, it’s time to decorate and add the furniture, appliances, and entertainment you want. What you bring in will depend on your preferences and how you want to use the space. If you’re going to watch TV or movies with your friends, invest in surround-sound speakers and a nice TV. Otherwise, perhaps you’d rather outfit your man cave with a portable bar, barstools, a pool table, and lots of neon signs. The sky’s the limit – it’s your space to do with as you like. That’s the beauty of the man cave!

Who to call for custom built sheds

If you don’t have a shed but love the idea of a detached man cave, no problem – let Hunter Sheds make your dream come true. For over 18 years, we have been providing custom built sheds throughout the Hunter Valley area. We are a leading supplier of Ranbuild products offering well-known, quality brands and custom sheds at competitive prices. Contact Hunter Sheds today to discuss your custom garage or shed idea for the man cave you’ve always wanted.

Mono Shed

Choosing a Shed and Where to Find Prices for Garages, Mono Sheds, Large Sheds, and More

Finding the perfect storage shed for your backyard can be tricky. There are so many sizes, styles, and options to choose from and so many different ways to put your structure to use that narrowing down your choices and making a purchase can seem overwhelming. Here are some things to think about to make it a little easier to find the right shed solution for your property.

Your landscape

When it comes to backyard storage, no one solution works for everyone. Many different factors affect your decision including size, intended purpose, location, type of foundation, and even climate. Before investing a mono shed, garage, or other outdoor structure, make sure you understand your local ordinances to ensure that you won’t be violating any building codes or laws by installing the type of structure you want. Also, look for a style and design that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property rather than becoming an eyesore. You can also increase the attractiveness of your shed by placing flowers, shrubs, or other plants around it to help it blend into the natural outdoor space.

Your storage needs

What do you need to store? Think about the intended use of your shed – do you want to stow large equipment such as lawnmowers or more of a designated space to arrange gardening tools? What and how much you need to keep in the shed will affect the type of storage solution that will best meet your needs. There are so many possible sizes and styles that ensure you can easily find just what you need.

Potential upgrades

Whether you’re searching for a mono shed, a garage, or even just a carport, consider ways to maximise its functionality. For example, you might want to add shelving inside for extra storage space or a roof strengthening kit to reinforce your shed against harsh weather. Alternatively, you might want to use your shed as an entertainment space or man cave and outfit it with furniture, a TV, and whatever else helps you relax. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing the space you want.

Your budget

When you’re researching garages and sheds prices, keep in mind that several factors affect the end cost. The size of the shed, the material it’s made of, and its style and design all play a role in the price tag. Furthermore, specific designs could require property renovations or other additional expenses. Be sure to factor in all potential costs when determining which shed you can afford. Look into small and large shed prices to get an idea of the range of prices and what type of shed you should plan to set up.

Contact Hunter Sheds for garages and sheds prices

Once you’ve figured out what you need, it will be easier to pick the right shed or garage. At Hunter Sheds, we offer a wide range of high-quality shed and garage solutions for customers in the Hunter Valley area. Contact us today to discuss your ideal storage shed and get started on your project.