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Commercial Sheds

Every Shed in the Ranbuild Commercial Sheds range has been designed to give you the strongest, most reliable building shed possible. The galvanised steel framework provides strength and versatility.

Couple this with the low cost and you have excellent value for money. With over 55 years experience in the Steel Shed Industry Ranbuild Buildings are Tried and Tested.

Ranbuild Commercial Shed Designs are more than Just Sheds. There are a host of add-on extras such as Personnel and Vehicle Access Doors, Mezzanine Floors, Awnings and Annexes.

There’s also a Range of Windows and Translucent Wall and Roof Sheets to Provide natural lighting. You can also add Ventilators and Insulation to make the building the way you want it.

With our Flexible Designs you can add an Annexe or Awning to Extend your Covered Area.

Ranbuild can supply you with steel framing for your Partition Walls for Offices and Amenities to Match The Quality, of the Rest of Your Building.

Ranbuilds Commercial Buildings are manufactured from the finest Australian made steel products, for added strength and durability. Framing and Cladding are guaranteed by BlueScope Steel.

Ranbuild Shed designs are fully engineered in accordance with Australian Building Codes, and are supplied with documentation To simplify building approval.

Commercial Traders need buildings that not only look good, but are functional, weather proof and secure. Galvanised steel frame, metal clad building sheds, require minimum maintenance.

We can custom create the right building for your needs with roller doors, horizontal sliding doors, steel partition walls, and internal insulation as standard options

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